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sound restoration


Our IKKA model has been recycled/upgraded to the special order.
Starting point was an old Simens turntable, came without tone arm, switch caps missing, badly scratched cover, etc., but inside everything was in perfect order.

Simens wasn't famous for their hifi products but this actual model has been assembled with the same quality direct drive motor and electronics as once popular Luxman 284, 288 and 289 models. Further, the power supply in this turntable could embarrass some modern budget integrated amplifiers.

Original 10mm MDF housing has been upgraded with inside bracing and damping (rubberized cork), and outer aluminum plates on the front and the sides, acting as further outside bracing and dumping. Thin bottom cover has been replaced with 19mm MDF plate, cut to measure and damped with thin layer of grinded and pressed rubber.

New arm plate has been constructed from the sandwiched plywood and MDF, damped with rubberized cork, and only glued to the main chassis, no screws here.

Original platter has been damped with the heavy rubber and cork from the underneath.

Tone arm is salvaged from an old Philips model and modified; new arm base and vertical stub made from aluminum, and new lifting device and arm rest.

Signal cable and RCA connectors were replaced with Neotech KHS201A cable and Neutrik RCA connectors.